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Netflix is probably everyone’s favorite platform to watch movies and TV shows, and though it started as a United States-only service, but it has expanded to the point that nowadays it is available in more than 190 countries and as of today, it has over 83 million users from all around the world. Netflix offers quite a big catalogue of movies and TV shows, as well as Netflix exclusive content to all its users.

We all know and love Netflix, but it does have its limitations. Due to each country regulations on content and media, Netflix has to adapt its catalogue to the specific location of the user. This means that if you log in from the UK your content will be different to what it would be in the American Netflix. Netflix has more than 10.000 titles available -between movies, TV shows and exclusive content- but, is the content that different between each country? And the answer is: Yes, it is huge.

Just so you get the idea the UK Netflix gets less than 40% of the content the Netflix of America has available. Not to mention some special deals that make big amounts of content exclusive, such as the Disney-Netflix US deal, which makes all of Disney movies available on Netflix since September of 2016 only to the United States. So even though it costs about the same in every country, get a fraction of the content you have when you get American Netflix.

This problem has lead to many people trying to find ways to get around the restrictions and look for ways to watch American Netflix. By using various VPNs users tried to get around Netflix’s location system. One of the most popular around the users was Blockless, getting more than 100.000 users worldwide it quickly became the top of its class. But, it was too simple, Netflix grew aware of Blockless as well as all the other VPN systems and apps existence and the amount of people using it and became able to detect whether you’re using a VPN or a DNS to get around its location system.
Now every time you try to access to your American Netflix through Blockless, you’ll trigger a proxy error where Netflix will display the horrible bad news message “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.”. -ouch, that hurts-. Now Blockless has become completely unavailable to get through Netflix’s strong security system.

That’s how many people found a solution, and how Netflix got rid of it. But now, how to watch American Netflix outside of America? There’s a new solution, by using StrongVPN’s SmartDNS system you can easily get through Netflix’s location tracker system and get your hands on that sweet American Netflix content. It is really that simple, by using a secure server StrongVPN allows you to get through the location security as easily as if you were trying to access your own region’s Netflix.

You’ll no longer have to try different ways as for how to watch American Netflix, or spend lots and lots of time looking for tutorials and guides on the internet when you only need one. With that said, why don’t you give us a try? It’s very simple and it will be available in all your devices, whether it is your phone, tablet or PC. We offer a totally free one month trial so you can get a taste of all the potential StrongVPN has to offer, for this we won’t ask you for credit card credentials, no compromise and no strings attached!

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