Get ready to enjoy all the movies and shows – HOW TO SWITCH TO AMERICAN NETFLIX

First of all, you might be thinking: “Why would I need a guide on how to access American Netflix? I already have my own region Netflix”. Well, you’d be surprised to know the many advantages on using American Netflix. So, before we begin with our super easy guide on how to get American Netflix, we are going to explain the issue a little better, so you get a better picture of the idea and you can make a decision. You’ll find out that getting American Netflix is easier than you thought! Click here to start!

Netflix is an online monthly subscription service that allows you to stream thousands of pieces of content, that’s between movies, TV shows and original production content. Users pay a monthly subscription of 9.99$ and get access to the Netflix catalogue. It is currently one, if not the most, popular subscription-based media content-streaming service on the internet. At the beginning it was only available in North America though it has expanded, and it’s currently available in almost every country in the world, and has more than 80 million users worldwide, out of which more than 47 million of those users are from the United States only.

Netflix being so big is amazing, but with that coverage comes a problem. Netflix is forced to update and change its content based on the laws and regulations of each individual country. That means it has to actively negotiate and change its catalogue depending on where it is going to be seen from. This means that you won’t get the same content in America as in UK. It’s kind of a region-locked catalogue, and of course, the most extensive catalogue is the one in America, which has roughly three times the content the UK Netflix has available. And it depends on the user’s physical location, meaning that even if you are from the United States, and are in a vacation in Australia, you’ll get Australian Netflix.

Yes there are ways to get around the Netflix location, people started using VPNs to access Netflix making it look like they were connected from America by changing their IP direction. One of the most popular was Blockless, it was so popular that it had around 100.000 users from around the world! But in January 2016, Netflix had already found out about this issue and it developed a new security system capable of detect when a user uses a VPN or a DNS service, and now every time you try to access American Netflix through Blockless or similar services it triggers an error warning on the page that asks you to turn off your “unblocker or proxy” and try again.

Well, now there’s a new way to access American Netflix. By using StrongVPN’s service you can get access to the American catalogue as easy as if you were there. Thanks to its SmartDNS system, it connects through a completely secure and reliable server that hides your real location perfectly. Netflix is not able to detect it thus is unable to block it. So there’s really only one step on our guide for how to switch to American Netflix, and it’s to get a StrongVPN subscription and start using our service, if you’re still not convinced you do a trial one-month subscription absolutely free of charge, without compromise and no credit card information required! Get started here!

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